Mission and vision

The mission of Eko-svest is to research, inform and act in order to improve public policies and practices for sustainability and environmental protection. Eko-svest supports and encourages civil awareness and active participation and promotes practical solutions in cooperation with organisations and institutions.

Our vision is a just, responsible and conscientious society where healthy citizens live sustainably in well-being and harmony with the environment.


Eko-svest" is a non-profit citizen’s association established on the 18th of September 2002 in the Basic court of Skopje under the Z.G. 192/02 number.

Strategic objectives 2016-2020

- Becoming a relevant actor included in consultative processes on national level regarding environment and EU approximation.
- Acting towards improvement of environment and human health through participation in creation of sustainable energy strategy and prevention of harmful effects of infrastructure projects by promoting alternatives.
- Raising of internal capacities through practicing our vision and mission.
- Educating others on environmental issues and promoting sustainable development solutions and technologies.


Eko-svest successfully collaborates with Macedonian and foreign organisations. We are a member of:

CEE Bankwatch Network, South East Europe Development Watch, GENET, Inforse Europe, Kite, WECF (Women in Europe for Common Future) and HEAL (Health and Environment Alliance).