The mission of Eco-sense is to perform research, and to inform about environmental issues, but also to educate. The crisis our environment is facing, backed up by no strategy to preserve our planet, is a result of no environmental awareness and knowledge.

Our motive for environmental education is triggered by several incredibly serious examples we come across in our everyday work:

- Natural resources are largely devastated. 30% of our planet has been irreversibly destroyed in the last 30 years.
- At the same time, food and water consumption has increased in 50%. However, 50% of drinkable water is largely polluted. Think of vehicle oils... 4 litres of oil from just one car pollutes large quantities of fresh water.
- Waste generation is huge. If all plastic bottles used in the world on annual basis are placed one after the other, they could circle the planet several times.
- Soil that was planted with GM crops cannot be used for planning any other crop in the next 10 years.
- 2005 was the year when most hurricanes and tornados occurred on Earth.
- Results from the latest researches related to global warming show that the north hemisphere is warmer than in the last 1200 years.

Education for environmental protection by definition means joined forces to learn about the functions of nature and the ways how humans can change its behaviours in order to live sustainable life.

Environmental education is a term usually used in formal education. It is also used more broadly, to illustrate education of young people and wider auditorium, through printed materials, electronic media, media campaigns etc.

Eco-sense believes that environmental knowledge is preconditioned by numerous factors of ‘in’ and ‘out’ in the ‘fashion’ called environment so it demands finding most suitable methods and the need for establishing the most adequate system for environmental education. The primary goal of what we call environmental education is creating and maintaining a balance between nature and society. It is basically the prevention of environmental damage and pollution through growing environmental culture, moral and ethics. The changes in the world can happen only if we first change ourselves. Eco-sense’s programme for environmental education covers favouring new styles of life, new ethical-cultural values, new and responsible people.