Climate change

Throughout 2012 Eko-svest continued the work on the topics of energy and transport. In the period 01.03.2012 – 31.12.2012, with the work on the project “Climate initiatives in Macedonia”, this work was expanded in terms of focusing on climate change issues. This project enabled us to work closely with the most active NGOs that work in the field of environmental protection and to advocate for clean developments, promote more sustainable paths, energy efficiency, as well as advocate for change of national strategies and legislation to include latest policy developments.

The objectives of the project “Climate initiatives in Macedonia” were to initiate a strategic approach regarding climate change in Macedonia and to empower NGOs to work on climate change issues in Macedonia.

The project has resulted in raised capacities and knowledge of Macedonian NGOs who are now more prepared to work on climate change, which they proved by contributing to the analysis of three national strategies – the energy strategy, the transport strategy and the biodiversity strategy.
Also, an important result of this project is a two-year campaign plan for working on climate change issues in the period until March 2014. The project team was also in contact with national institutions who deal with climate change, biodiversity and energy.