Grants Management Platform

Subject of procurementThe Grants Management Platform

Contractor for the procurementCenter for research and information Eko-svest Skopje

Date of publication of the Call to Express Interest21.04.2022

Duration of the Call to Express Interest15 days



The Environmental Research and Information Center Eкo-svest (EКO-SVEST), together with the partner organizations Macedonian Young Lawyers Association (MYLA) and Connecting Natural Values and People (CNVP) are implementing a programme entitled CSOs Action for climate, financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency – Sida.

As part of the programme among the other project activities, an open call will be published for sub-granting of civil society organizations in the country.

Civil society plays a significant role in the decision-making processes by mobilizing citizens and providing inputs in policy processes to create ambitious legislation that involves all relevant stakeholders. This action will make sure that civil society has the tools and machinery to take part in meaningful public participation processes and provide fact and science-based inputs to policy processes – from creating strategies to changing laws.

To complement the advocacy and awareness-raising work, the programme will enable to support of civil society organizations active in the area of climate change and environmental protection. Due to the different needs and constraints of the target group, the programme will provide different types of grants.

This programme is intended to support civil society organizations registered in North Macedonia following the Law on Associations and Foundations that work on a local and national level.

Right to apply will have organizations that were registered at least 2 years before the publication of the open call for proposals.

Organizations will be encouraged to work in partnerships with other local organizations and/or collaborate with institutions, professional associations, citizen initiatives, or other organizations that will enable a better approach to a wider audience or the target group chosen for their project. Especially welcomed will be partnerships with organizations from sectors most affected by climate change (health, agriculture, risk management, energy poverty, vulnerable groups, etc.)

The participation criteria for the leading applicants will be fully applicable to partner organizations as well.

Subject of procurement:

Subject of this procurement procedure is physical development, testing, and implementation of the Grants Management Platform with the following integrated modules (within the same platform):

1. User Management Module – to register users of database, approve and assign access levels and manage audit trails or log of user actions across the database.

2. Front Interface Module for registration of the web application (database) members.

3. Grants Application Module – to manage grants application process, share of information, grants progress monitoring and reporting management.

4. Dashboard and Self-Service Reporting Module – to provide aggregated data summaries and analysis that will allow user to generate reports, visualize and summarize data based on drill-down or roll-up features and multi-dimensional filters such as type of grants, specific grant applicant, time, geographic etc.

5. Notification Module to send notifications to users about deadlines or additional information’s.

Creation of a grants management platform is envisaged as an information system for project management and reporting of grantees.

This platform will be a tailor-made, multilingual platform with four main modules

1. Application process

2. Financial project management

3. Tracking of project results based on logical framework/indicators

4. Back end with different users

The Grants Management Platform should enable grants management statistics and annual survey of grantees.

The successful service provider selected through procurement procedure will work closely with relevant project staff to understand the technical requirements, existing databases, workflow, end users, access levels, and available technology infrastructure for the required process-driven web platform.

Expected Deliverables from the successful candidate in the Procurement Procedure:

  • Presentation on conceptual model of the Grants Management Platform
  • Module specific deliverables:
    • Physical platform relational structures
    • Physical development and pre-test run of the platform fronts and interfaces for all modules with complete operations (clearing software bugs)
    • Physical development and pre-test run of dashboard
  • Deployment and roll-out
  • Penetration testing
  • Post implementation technical support and training
  • 3 years technical support and maintenance

This web application as a custom-made multilingual solution (Macedonian, English) will be in the ownership of Eko-svest upon completion. Maintenance service of the platform, over the time of the Project and beyond will be needed.

Time table:

#Steps in the procurement procedureDate
1Deadline for submission of the Application for Expression of Interest and the listed supporting documents for participation in the procurement procedure06.05.2022
2Deadline for selection of candidates for the procurement procedure and written notification of all registered applicants on the results of the selection13.05.2022
3Deadline for Informative meeting with the selected candidates to present the technical characteristics and requirements related to the development of the Grants Management Platform, as well as details and clarifications related to the submission of technical and financial offers18.05.2022
4Deadline for submission of the final technical and financial offers23.05.2022
5Deadlne for selection of the best bid (offer) and written notification of all bidders about the results of the selection25.05.2022
6Deadline for signing a contract with the successful bidder27.05.2022

Preparation of expressions of interest:

Expressions of interest are submitted electronically to the email address specified in the section „Method of submitting the Expression of Interest”. Application e-mail should contain the following documents:

1. Letter for expression of interest

2. Portfolio

3. Team

4. Any other relevant document supporting the expression of interest

5. Due diligence form provided as annex 1 „Annex 1 – Due Diligence check“

6. All documents that are specified in the Due diligence form from point 5

Method of submitting the Expression of Interest:

Expression of Interest shall be submitted by email to the address with an indication in the SUBJECT e-mail: Expression of Interest, 2022 (name of the applicant)

The body of the e-mail states the names of all submitted documents, and the documents are named as listed in the section “Preparation of expressions of interest “.

All documents containing signatures and stamps should be submitted in PDF format.

In case the attached documents are larger than 10 MB, arrange the documents in several emails, with the following in the field SUBJECT: in the first e-mail enter The Expression of Interest, 2022 (name of the applicant) x / #, instead of the mark “x” you enter the serial number of the e-mail, and instead of the mark “#” you enter the total number of e-mails you will send. In the body of the e-mail, provide a numbered list of all attached documents in that e-mail.

All off the received e-mail will be individually confirmed that are received, and if there is no confirmation it is responsibility of the company that is sending the e-mail to check if their offer is received in the period stated in the „Time Table“.


Information relating to the examination and evaluation of expressions of interest, and the selection of candidates for procurement process, shall not be disclosed to the applicant(s) or any other persons not officially concerned with such process, even after publication of the contract award. Any privately identifiable information will be treated as confidential information and will not be used, collected, or distributed for any other purpose, than stated in this Call.

Other Important notes

Applicants of the Expression of Interest shall bear all costs incurred during the preparation and submission of the Expression of Interest. Also, all selected candidates for participation in procurement process shall bear all costs incurred during the preparation and submission of their technical and financial offer. Eko-svest shall not bear any costs incurred in the procurement procedure.

Applicants are obliged to submit all required documents. In case the applicant did not provide all listed documents, its’ application will not be administratively eligible and will not be further the subject of evaluation.

An information meeting will be organized with the selected candidates for the procurement procedure, at which the technical characteristics and requirements related to the development and implementation of the web platform will be presented, as well as details and clarifications regarding the submission of technical and financial offers.

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